HAND DETAILS - $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 5 Players


Position Name Stack
SB $95.31 (190.6 bb)
BB Hero $51.85 (103.7 bb)
MP $50 (100 bb)
CO $49.25 (98.5 bb)
BTN $61.29 (122.6 bb)


Played Date:02/01/2011
Limit:No Limit Hold'em Cash
Site:On Game

Preflop: Hero is BB with K of diamonds K of spades
MP folds, CO raises to $1.75, BTN folds, SB calls $1.50, Hero raises to $7, CO folds, SB calls $5.25

Flop: ($15.75) T of hearts 5 of hearts 2 of clubs (2 players)
SB checks, Hero bets $11, SB calls $11

Turn: ($37.75) 4 of hearts (2 players)
SB bets $77.31 and is all-in, Hero folds


I would raise bigger pre to at least 8 then I'm not folding after the flop
Posted on 02/01/2011 at 7:29 PM by udbrky
his turn bet is really wide, I'm not sure he has flush there. I think I'd call in this spot
Posted on 07/26/2011 at 4:23 AM by jLetho
Posted on 04/15/2012 at 4:34 PM by Eifelpoker
I agree, I'm not folding in that spot, you've already put half your stack in. I probably would of raised bigger pre or bet bigger in the flop, so that he sees your pot commuted and not folding, and if he does have the flush its UL.
Posted on 11/07/2012 at 7:36 PM by bjparkash11

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